5 Things You Need to Know About Mary Bijou

The Mary Bijou Cabaret..

.. presents the best circus in town..
And out of town for that matter – our performers have come to Cardiff from all corners of the globe, from Australia to Italy to New Mexico

..celebrates hot men & strong, funny women.. And everything in between – ever seen a cross-dressing mermaid serenade a collection of dildos? How about strip-tease on the high rope? Come hither..

..is sex on wheels..In fact our cabaret is named after an 83-year-old lady from the valleys who sold us her pink, starry campervan. We like our all-powerful, magical matriarchs.

..is to be experienced..And we like you to be a part of the experience too, which is why we encourage our audiences to get involved and get creative with some fancy dress*

*If you don’t manage to come dressed-up, we might even find something for you to wear ourselves (remember that dodgy box of garments they doled out at primary school whenever one of the kids wet themselves? Feel very afraid..!)

 Founding Members
George Fuller is an enterprising young fellow from Chicago who moved to Wales in 2008. He ran away with the circus at a tender young age, when his natural clowning abilities and talent for being a slacker,, sorry, a slack-rope walker, were scouted by a talent-spotter. You can regularly spot him performing for our national circus, Cardiff-based Nofit State, but in between ever-sociable George can’t stop himself from throwing parties which is why 18 months ago he set up the Mary Bijou Cabaret with his gorgeous assistant Anna Sandreute. Anna is of course the evil genius behind the cabaret who keeps George on the straight and narrow (quite a good thing for a slack-roper!) She is legendary for many things, including her ability to roll a cigarette whilst hula-hooping 6 hoops.

Mary Bijou encompasses everything from the bizarre to the surreal and showcases all sorts of performers – from the evil genius of Noel Deadmond’s Death or No Death game show, to hosting world-class trapeze artists and acrobatics.

Expect the unexpected and enjoy!