So who is Lilith? Well according to some of the very oldest versions of the Bible, the first woman on earth wasn’t actually Eve! When God made the first man, Adam, he also made the first woman, Lilith, and all was well . . . for a while at least. But when Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam (“even if you were the only man in the world I wouldn’t..!”) God became very angry, turned her into a serpent and banished her from the Garden of Eden. It was at this point that he took one of Adam’s ribs and created lovely obliging Eve.

Of course the story doesn’t end there, remember when Eve was at the apple tree? Remember the serpent that tempted her? Well that was our old friend Lilith, back promoting her headstrong ways. Opinions on Lilith are divided to this day, some see her as an evil temptress demon but for other people she’s the world’s first true feminist, and therefore a true hero

So does Lilith represent heaven, or does she represent hell? It’s time to take sides people!